Aluminum Die casting

      AluminumZinc and alloy Die Casting Services

      Die casting, especially aluminum die casting, has been a strong suit of ShangHong Metals. Our die casting services have been helping product designers, engineers and architects bring their designs to life with state of the art part designs and reliable quality. Given our experience in the industry, together with our expert manufacturing and quality engineers, production staff, and our state-of-the-art equipment, you are guaranteed quality manufacturing of your parts and products with cost-effective benifits. Since openning, we received and fullfilled considerable number of OEM/ODM orders in die casting from worldwide.

      As a ISO 9001:2008 certified aluminum die casting, metal stamping and spinning manufacture for the world’s leading industries and companies, Our equipment covers almost all die casting engineering, designing and development needs your company may require.

      Benefits of Die Casting Services

      Our die casting process offers a number of important benefits including:

         - Higher rates: Aluminum alloy die castings enable parts to be manufactured at a much higher rate than other metal alloys.

       - Low cost: Aluminum die cast parts are typically less expensive than other metal alloys.


         - Lightweight strength: Aluminum castings offer the highly valued combination of light weight and superior strength.

       - Customization: It facilitates the attainment of complex designs and forms, making it easy to customize the casting to specific manufacturing processes.


         - Versatile and resistant to corrosion: Aluminum castings are extremely versatile and offer excellent resistance against corrosion.

      As a full aluminum die casting manufacturer, ShangHong Metals also provide you complete and thorough assembly and testing of all die cast parts and products. 
      Aluminum Die casting - DC0006
      Aluminum Die casting - DC0006
      Part Name: Aluminum heat sink; Material: Aluminum alloy Finish: Anodized; Industry: LED lighting/spot light/stage light